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The Burial Metanoia (Self-Released 2018)

Explosion of color red feels like a description over the bends for modern world self-destructs permission to Alternative Rock mission snapping people’s mind to re-thinking about it and Tomina Vincent (vocals), jesse Higginson (guitars), James Laurie (drums) and Matt Cuff (bass) of Brisbane, Australia had their own liking of pyromania a lot to put inked on lyrics and arrangements of tunes as being influenced by names like Depeche Mode, HIM, Rammstein, Birds of Tokyo or Lacuna Coil; baptizing themselves as Flynn Effect and releasing Monument as their pride extended play record spawning some best cuts songs like Believer and Colossus.

Whether they’re closing in touch-down as a Goth-Pop and Symphonic Rock band or not, necessarily – the most important thing is don’t try to look the lead female vocalist in her eyes that might turning you to stone.