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The Astral Project (Rise Above Records 1997)

When you combining the influential hardening rocks from Metallica to Corrosion of Conformity to British NWOBHM modern times did their sexual incest over to their Southern sisters means only one thing here – you got to have the blasting groovy metallic Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal explosions from the intermediate London’s crew named Orange Goblin.

Through Ben Ward, Chris Turner, Joe Hoare, Martyn Millard and some other names being stepping in the inn of the band formation as this debut recording under the familiar name sounded too American than british on Frequencies From Planet Ten seems to be dedicated to Ed Wood but rather than that; blazing their highly infectious performance within golden grooves and vocals, power dazzling riffs and rhythmic force of the Southland brought here to your fucking pale face skin as the milestone for pioneering the awaken up of Rising South again in England as Songs Of The Purple Mushroom Fish, Land Of Secret Dreams, Star Shaped Cloud, Magic Carpet to Saruman’s Wish would shaking the entire legendary Lothlorian or Aquatic Fanatic of (no audio) or Untitled. 

Feel the Cathedral’s intrusion over the artworks and bigger speaker and thus fascinating hallucination creatures from another dimension rocking the future while crossing your past and presents – like a doomsday of rock show at the end of Grunge dying era. 

Frequencies From Planet Ten: