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Tereza E Carlos (Not On Label 2018)

   Newer Brazilian experimental Rock progressive and World Music combination companion each other like a party street samba parade production into a package of both flamboyant rocking to shaking hips and sweaty couples faults following how the performance from El Efecto of Rio De Janeiro’s group consisting for Tomas Rosati (vocals, cavaquinho, percussion), Bruno Danton (vocals, viola, violin), Eduardo Baker (bass), Gustavo Loureiro (drums), Cristine Ariel (guitars, vocals) and Tomas Troia (guitars, vocals) as they’re being supported by many of those musician participants like sax baritone player Andre Ramos, Frederico Cavaliere for clarinet, guitarist Gabriel Ventura and flute player Karina Neves given you their passionate rhythmic fusions like a nail penetrating the hammer so did Chama Negra, Trovoada, O Drama Da Humana Manada and CafĂ© pushing pumped the album entitled Memorias Do Fogo a colorful sensual but also straight musical to catch by travelers and tired souls while visiting the sparkle town Rio.

Memorias Do Fogo: