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Tender Venom (Self-Released 2014)

   Independent singer-songwriter producing his music and lyrics by himself is the fourth full-length album of the invaluable Marc M Cogman performing the guitars both acoustic and electric as well as harmonica, hand percussion and lead vocals over Folk-Punk Americana and Alternative based on this Tulsa musician spreading the good intention of additional helps from Patrick Hanlin, Andrew Perusi, Steve McDonald to Kyle Fredrickson as well as Kelliane Noftle, Chad Copelin onto Karen Harmon for brought the Albatross recording music onto If I Stop Singing Check My Pulse, Still Running, The Long List of names, No Show Tonight and The Wedding Party may opening some objective afternoon delights thoughts and prayers over the slow mentioned modern life and other related themes to reality by the harmony touch.

For those whom liking the nineties pleasure attempts of story-telling at the end of The Road Home that might closing the first chapter of you being realistic but never giving up on hope as the listening for this worth many times to be blessed at one whom got a chance to do so.