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Tauri (Human Pitch 2018)

   The pointless asymmetrical collection for the swerving Elastic playful sound design as bio-morphic Techno propel taunting as a multimedia for emphasizing spontaneously exploration and modern popular intuitions, improvement and entertaining like Pipeline of blending tracks and samples using Electro-Glitch, Ambient, Dub Techno as well as Microhouse and science whimsy around New York’s heritage, social life and presence days themes shining as the unexplainable abstract arts for the cover repels Ingwer or Web where thus five minutes onto ten longer length of duration kept your curiosity safe to explores within it while listening to the recording made by Tristan Arp.

Pipeline means everything much than you could ever think and shape-shifting forms shall be available to this debut hopefully, not as just one-take performance from the artist talents collective.