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Tarankanua (Progresiv Barbar Musik 2008)

   Splitting Sumateran – Bandung connections for these metallic Stoner and Southern blasts that shouldn’t be too short to continue but never leads the group – Komunal to be only a copycat sounds taken from the fatal influences out of the likes for Down, Corrosion of Conformity as well as Lemmy in local taste featured vocals are the band you would love to listened out off Indonesian Heavy Metal scene these days. 

   The Dead Raven symbol, the clean riffs and good choruses might soon sounding a bit trendy familiar but if the crew really knows their roots for “great fucking trendkill” kinds of music then Arie Khomaini (bass), Harry Reza (drums), Anwar Sadath (guitars) and Doddy Hamson (vocals) won’t be just a follower but keeping their quartet darker bluesy hits more lower keys of minor distorting better works through this Hitam Semesta  (universal darkness) further more over Praktika Bisnis Karnivora, Ilmu Tentang Racun, Pemuda Belati, Budaya Purba onto Distorsi Mulut Setan and Pasukan Perang Dari Rawa – granted for more hectic heads to banging with their hymns about black magic ritual of nusantara. 

Hitam Semesta: