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Sumpah Berbisik Pt. 1 (Armstretch Records 2016)

   Mazmur: 187 presenting the new formations for the Jakarta Extreme Underground Death Metal for guitarist Ricky Rangga, Gilang Pristianto (bass), Rudy Harjianto on vocals/lyrics, Adhitya Perkasa the drummer/songwriter and guitarist/vocals, lyricist Andre M. Tiranda brought their brutal Gore Metal and the killings, bloody rape and more themes that related to the religious meaning for Siksakubur which interpreted as grave torments in theprior for day of the judgement where unrighteous being punished hard and beyond imaginations as taken their newly roots for Christianity themed and social beliefs about the psychotic figure slaughtering helpless souls inside the dungeon or prison; leaving the particular faster double pedals of extremity and slower heaviness blasts smacking your pretty face to bleed or broken.

The rest of this head-banging features from Indonesia Death Metal scene mystically, lend your ears something odd and new straight from the local lyrics and thematic haunting tales such as Terikat Sekarat (Tied and Dying), Maut Berkelakar (When Death Pranks), Hotel Ambassador or Pencuri Malam (Thief in The Night) forcing the terrible reality that lurks the islands always brought danger immediately, to the fool people stepping together to facing extinction

Mazmur 187: