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Summer Of Boy (Don Giovanni 2018)

Super-ghouls rocky Psych-lushy Rock n’ Roll and spooked themed within thus glittering Pop and Glam-Punk available through the best catchy riffs and powerful female spirits that you can blame via the rawkin’ rocking rolla like the cranking pick-up soaked acid of Hard Rock from the 80’s and heavy sounds influenced by Eddie Van Halen and stiff upper lips shreds or howling from Betsy Wright to drumming thunders deeper by Laura King and Bat Fangs shall biting theirs sinking them into you – turning you loving them. The solos and the melodies correctly provided here like the bashing popular Rock The Reaper, Turn It Up, Bad Astrology, Static and Wolfbite and Mercury – surely, makes you more in tied manual short sexual intercourse with the music recorded on the self-titled album.

Bat Fangs: