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Suede Blues Shoe (Shifty Bits Cult 2013)

   Debut recording produced by Adam Sipkema on drums/vocals, Brydon Crain on vocals/guitars and Penelope Stevens for keyboards/bass/vocals made up trio as these Fredericton – New Brunswick getting helps from Dan Tweedie playing organ and Mike Freeze performing bass and mixed along side with the group Motherhood themselves trying to expected more fans liking their music Diamonds & Gold performance carried the exact modern and old Alternative Art-Folk and Avant Rock from Canada with the bitten-cult of Rock n’ Roll materials being focused through Youngest Fool tales, Winter/The News/River kinds of medley theories within onto Hocus Pocus magic slow tunes that lifting up the regarding thankful feelings for the life and learning romance thoughts written to inked as songs with catchy melodies or harmony for the ears of middle ages people.

Cracking distorts or feedback may causing no harm as the music album plays on your rainy season events. 

Diamonds & Gold: