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Street Cred Heart (Nois-O-Lution/indigo 2010)

   Crossover mixture between the fucking fast standard cool Hard Rock, Punk to Hardcore and Pop-Rock for these German’s rocking-heads unit consisted for Gary Schmalzl, Henning Menke, Steve Hahn and Yvonne Ducksworth forming Jingo De Lunch (band) to be as powerful glamour as Land Of The Free-ks did for their good music and better imaginative cover artworks there – not mentioning the great musical tracks inside it that can actually, rocks you out with pigs heads, nude woman and stray dog and eagles proportions as Room 101, Mass’acre, Metherfor, The Job or Miss Demeanor and Spineless in Gaza did the perfect plural-rama on enjoying better quality of sociable future of the reuniting Punks for the western parts of the European germany land.

Land Of The Free-ks: