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…Stone Cold… (Fono Ltd. 2004)

   Impression comes first while melodic taste can be the weapon on attracting human interests either by sense, looks and emotionally seductions where those things carried out by the Russian Gothic Metal led-duo called The Lust as these Saint Petersburg lyrics story themes written all about glory, romance and lust of love as the quartet musician completed each other: Andy on bass, Max on keyboards, Yan on vocals/guitars and Mirla on vocals debuting their career in full album studio for releasing Tangled which crossing your liking for them even since the beginning to the end of how the rocking tunes performance simply without too much prejudice but lusty beautiful and deadly feelings being told via Fate To Fate, Not The Reason, Dead-End Love, Remember The Day, Mayne None and Don’t Promise – seemingly, spell-bounding their listeners by whiter dark magic like how the forest gods mating its virgin female of men child and later breeding creatures that evolved to be better than mankind.