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Srebrenica Maniac (Eventhink Metal 2016)

   When Dr. Octopus decided to have a very “Sepultura” in their early times banging the stereo to adds some more of his vicious wicked acts ideas – that moment would be sounded like Declassified as the recording package released by the Leon, Spain troops of Thrash Metal named Toxik Waltz consisting for guitarists Victor and Cesar, bassist Alberto, drummer David and vocalist Txavas ready to destroying your house up.
   The conquering standard double pedals and killer riffs available there as the young version of our hideous doctor remembering the past days when he got caught and being an experiment by the government agents in a secret lab as purifying fear, irrational doubts and the truth reveals that it’s not humans but extra-terrestrial who captured him as Abduction, Beyond The Wall of Sleep, Island of Death and those social protesting lyrics themes over Politician or the drunken populist choice on Thrash Metal Dictatorship as well as Loudmouth – blasting hard and will definitely, forcing anyone whose listening to this to head-bang like fucking crazy fucks !