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Sphere Contact (Dream Catalogue 2016)

A winning futuristic Downtempo champion of this collaborative breathtaking  for the loss on optimism and altered heavily hynagogic nostalgia beyond the lens from this innovative recent memory musical acts the most as translated to the third album here as Rain Temple recorded by the originated project ideas by HKE to Telepath blending their Vapor-Wave, Ambient and Down-Tempo completely like experiments entering the world of Electronic as young cloned girl for the first time seeing the metropolis world through an open clear window pane glasses as 2814 leaping its beats of noises and other slow rushing tunes for Lost In A Dream, Guided By Love, Transference and This Body – so did the Repo Man movie being in a re-make but never satisfying the audience; this album actually, giving something confusing as well interesting to listen further the learning aspect with the chrome ball signaling someone across the compound.

Rain Temple: