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Sparkle II (We Were Never Being Boring 2014)

   Costanza Delle Rose, Erica Terenzi, Nicola Lampredi to Lorenzo Bedioli from Pesaro, Italy's Be Forest shall be our newer ethereal Shoegaze musical attempts through this second album called Earthbeat as Pop-Rock sounds seems to telling he audience a sort of depression cold temptations within the resurrects season of the guilt feelings of men towards their confession among the living thoughts and burning summer tales of stories beginning to emerge to surface within the flute-tinged, progression sounds and simple sampling synthesizers approach from tracks like Captured Heart, Totem, Airwaves, Lost Boy onto Ghost Dance under the hypnotizing female figure voices luring your consciousness to sleep like an infant inside the spellbound.

Be Forest is their name and tunes of soft-directing dreams would be the aims for your ears of hearing senses.