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Son Wonder Oblivion (Verycords 2013)

   Meet the Industrial Extreme Metal band of Marseille, France – Dagoba as those many confusions of the band’s members changes keep happening but never slower down the distraction super-sized total metallic growler metal from vocalist Pierre “Shawter” Maille or Werther Ytier the bass guitar basher or guitarist Jean-Laurent “JL” Ducroiset as well as Nicolas Bastos the Dagoba drumkit breaking the silence once again with their extreme noise of Metal-Core music written and composed by the group for their recording album Post Mortem Nihil Est as the aggression beats bursting bigger onto the entire track-listed songs there from: Kiss Me Kraken, I Reptile, The Realm Black, Nevada to The Day after The Apocalypse would infinitely smacking your face and blown the forehead once you decided to playing this release in a loud volume after dark.

Post Mortem Nihil Est: