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Sometimes, Someday (Independent 2015)

   Loud rocks in many good ways should be labeled to these trio who plays their Stoner Rock quite standard but heavy as well on the same time as the Perpignan – France group Red Panama consisting for guitarist/vocalist Ben, drummer Anthony and Juan Panama on bass/vocals hypnotizing started as it begun while the self-titled recording release goes on your collection task-force playlist with those seven songs available – all in a very good damned straight to rock guitars performance with the blending taste of Blues Rock, Heavy Stoner and Hard Rock pro beating hearts and asking yourself to saying that the band’s worthy a listen. 

Take your seat and properly, louder the sounds and dim the lights and let tracks like Bloody Tears, Wheels and Mobs Rule The World or Open The gates carried your spirit on a riding driven by melodic, harmony and more ingredients that makes rock music sounded perfect. 

One might already went somewhere even if that means you’re not in real spot on the Central America ! 

Red Panama: