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Solitude Vengeance (Epicurus 2018)

   Used to be just a Star Wars fan inspiring those whom next being written exposure through the likes in making extreme Heavy Metal power genres as Hoth purposing themselves out from Seattle, WA area for David Dees and Eric Peters not your regular honest Alternative sounds group but threatening the eras of those whom liking to have commercial rock diet daily then, meeting this Speed forcing Metal power Progressive head-banging maniac music captivated inside the darkness of icy and wretched void of blackness below where the third recording releases from the band on Astral Necromancy shall destroying your evening phase by phase quickly. 

   From The Living Dreams of a Dead God, The Horrid Truth, Passage into Entropy, Ad Inane Precatio or The gathering of The Accursed Artifacts legitimating those destruction made by humans on humans over wars as the projector rituals plot leads to the invasion of the supreme beings out of this planet when we already weaken ourselves. 

Behold, the giant skull gods of extra-terrestrial ...

Astral Necromancy: