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Solitude Ground (Independent 2014)

Minnesota’s Moorhead crew playing the high and catchy Punk-Pop Skater and Pop-Rock in the majestic melodies but always dealing with the teenagers realm and you might feeling lovely to see the sight on the front cover which describing thus youth energy symbolized by fast rabbit of mythical horned gods and blossoming tattooes and the wise titled for Irony’s Got The Best Of Me. 

Go skating or go moshing with your friends and live up the life like there’s no tomorrow now. Time Well Spent feat. Tim Landers of Misser or The Mess You Call Your Plans came shorts but fits to marking your slow walks turning to a better decision to facing obstacle in freaking policy on all the writing lyrics and songs by the band themselves touching your liking button – produced by Adam Schwichtenberg. 

Irony's Got The Best Of Me: