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Soar Almonds (Small Stone Recordings 2016)

   Twelve tracks of destruction commence from under the grounding heavy riff-age power-horse blasts made well deserved to give your fluctuation heads rolls after banging harder through these Genoa, Ligury’s choice off its Sludgy Stoner Metal scene music with Rock N’ Roll style attitudes and sleazy behavior captured inside the combination room music chamber of Isaak consisting of Giacomo H Boeddu on vocals to the guitarist Francesco Raimondi, bass player booster Gabriele Carta and skin-basher behind the drum-kit Andrea Tabbi De Bernardi as well doing the vocals. Sermonize would be a hell of a freaky rocking recording that gives the belonging fortune led the blinded left-overs while following the scented tails of fully loaded of Heavy Rock music not only because the band got their own versions of the covers on Kyuss’ Yeah or White Ash’s Lucifer’s Road but also the originals like Fountainhead to The Peak.