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Silent Box (Burning Heart Records 1997)

   Lund must be a place of many that satan used to live and breed while visiting there. You can tell it by listening to the close discovery on finding how Swedish teenage trash bastards of Skate-Punks crew calling themselves Satanic Surfers really making mess when driving their fast, distorted and far from positive themes music products to the global world as this second releasing from Andy Dahlstrom, Magnus Blixtberg, Max Hudden and Rodrigo Alfaro or Stefan Larsson on the home depot anthems of darkness and evil thoughts written onto lyrics and songs becoming a good sense of mosh-pit crazy background tracks as those adrenaline extreme sports lovers dig deeper within the clever smartly taste of freedom via Don’t Tell Us What We Should Do with Our Bodies You Filthy Bastards, You Can Count Your Money in Your Graves You Filthy Bastards, I Scream, Soothing onto Seed of Fear and Anger which fed you up a pleasure punchy high pressure and temperatures off this album to blasts.

666 Motor Inn is the spot where Mr. Satan fucking some Swedish girls and monastery nuns up and leaving his sons to later – cranking up misfortunes and more mess ! 

666 Motor Inn: