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Sho Shin Kerberos (Dur Et Doux 2018)

   Deeper inside the tropical forest – the birds are assemble within themselves and as there’s nobody around them, they talks like human beings and communicates as for the background Progressive Rock and Avant-Garde into Jazz Math-Rock fusion to the opposite over Antoine Arnera on keyboards/vocals, Boris Cassone on bass, Guihem Meier behind the drum set, Anthony Beard and Francois Mignot did their six-strings exploration parts as well as Benoit Lecomte and Jean Joly arranging all music made as one by PinioL branding this recording album called Bran Coucou as these hideous inbred quirks monster rock-heads unit hailed from Lyon, France pretty much spreading their sounds of great techniques onto something enjoyable to taste here within those funky metallic fourteen minutes more opening onto the seven tracks as being afraid of nothing.

Pogne went out for over seven minutes and fifteen seconds while Mimolle goes attacking the audience on four minutes and twenty nine seconds while the rest might remaining elusive if you stop listening them in sudden. 

Don’t hesitate to stop because it is did their long jams or boredom struck as twisted excitement appears after several minutes exploring the inland of the group sounds sending you to the right path.

Bran Coucou: