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Seventh 03:38 (Greensleeves Record 1982)

Hopeton Overton Brown is definitely a Jamaican born man with dark skin and Caribbean distinctive accent thriving for his Kingston’s roots as the protégé of originators Dub Music master Tubby Osbourne Ruddock with wildest extravaganza and Reggae-less popular burst as career begins in mixing style studio grown as exclusive as considered regular special power transforms brilliantly, changed his feature figurine as Scientist – just like how Scientist Wins The World Cup fortune Reggae-Dub blended direction of albums leads the mature rhythmic and harmony of mechanic sounds and automatic driven chip by the friendly companion from the side wing straight targeting your instinct for scoring for glory.

Successfully, brought your team to lifting the cup finally in the end after leveled up some tough contenders through fifteen tracks and extra times as legendary issues may surprising the audience to dance and imagine on the same time. Whether you pick Third Dangerous Match, Fifth Dangerous Match or First Extra Time onto Fourth Extra Time – nothing to proof to the globe but to yourself and the weird thing would be – a Caribbean country wins that golden cup with Osbourne’s vocals and Hugh Mundell to Wayne Jarrett appearance as well – keeping thus sound system methods going on like the original Reggae always drive the crowds to follow and cheering ! 

Wins The World Cup: