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Seppuku Discordant (SFA Records 2017)

Pesaro, Italy home-made chaos repeating of Electronic Metal and Break-Core swags might really annoying by the sounds and makes your ears bleeding faster as one trying to have a moment to (not) quiet enjoyable time having this type of horrific recording album blasts through your stereo system as hellish rhythmic, sharp raw beats and many collaborative sections of metallic noises bombarding the entire place in a short attack made by these blended songs like Decrepit Carnivore Cranial Disfigurement or Abominable Gluttonus Abnormity as well as Flesh Eating Possession Disorder as Deliver Us From Evil by My Sweet Kalashnikov showing the demonic catholic priest doing a surgery over the seeds of satanic hybrid human preserving the legacy of sickness thoughts influenced by the masters of Industrial Metal like Ministry or Skinny Puppy to the land of pasta terror possessing this squad to do such a hideous thing under the power of monstrosity sounds ! 

Deliver Us From Evil: