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Senseless Money (Small Stone Recordings 2016)

   Orebro, Sweden’s latest little less-encouragement exports to you the Blues Rock and Psychedelic Stoner Metal fans out there as these awesome quartet for leaving the non-invading empty couch on someone’s living room in peace didn’t actually, playing too calmly music but taken all the freaking grooves out with them to barely – letting you to head-bang freely following their enormous orgasmic true music creations as the power-house effects available since the beginning you start to play their recording – Remind by the foursome rocker players: Stefan Lillhager (vocals), Andres Eriksson (lead guitars), Mikael Lath (drums) and Chris David (bass guitar) form this excellent band Captain Crimson. 

   The perfect shaped of Stoner Blues Rock meets Indie Grunge grooves and total standard blasts of Hard Rock shall spoiling you onto the track-listed songs off the album like Bells from the Underground, Love Street, Ghost Town or Black Rose – that leaving you breathless for not stopping to listen to them once you’ve started to pointing your inspirations for these guys.