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Seizuretron Lander (Purple Pyramid 2016)

   Progressive, Psychedelic and Space Rock mixed compilation recording here may not harming you unless you’re not an open-minded kinds of people that only searching for others mistakes for decades – this messages and themes of the fourth dimensions of Thule hierarchy system shall destroying your pathetic conservatives mind immediately. 
Non-violent sounds and more prolong of tuning merchandise over the tons of bands being added to compiles the album entitled – Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide. Still comes a mind blowing quality as featured; most Classics groups of all time in the inter-galactic road maps in delivering 6th cds including Electric Orange, Vespero, ST 37, Orlando Monday, Hidria Spacefolk, Sun Araw to Space Debris’s Phonomorph, Nektar on Astronaut’s Nightmare, MKM on Retorn AI Planeta Imaginari, Hawkwind, Guru Guru onto Daevid Allen Weird Quartet to Het Droste Effect, etc. 
   One and for all must be a blessing fanatic fans on having this recording instead of waiting the world to crumble – over seventy-three tracks available to telling you their stories about the universal expanding and beyond recognitions – prelude the arrival back of goddess and female presence taste under the sign of the holy triangle and the opening gate of time or wormhole. 

A division of intense art of Rock music in better progress grown like the tail of a comet straight targeting to this new millennium.