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Sarebi 05:43 (Bandcamp 2014)

   A tremendous short works of milestone performing by the creative idealistic thoughts over the combinations violent musical of Cross-Over Math-Core/Death Metal Classic with the traditional Balinese instruments in form of gong kebyar, beleganjur and Balinese gamelan type of unique blasting sounds for these Manchester, UK fueled speed ahead performing by Alex Carley (bass), Carl Gale and Jason Holloway (ceng ceng), Luke Geaney (drums, kempil), Iain Kydd (drums), Chris Bird (guitars), Rob Sewell (guitar, suling) and Zee (vocals) championing their hardened loud arts of heavy music in deader side of Math-Rock progressively premature like “son” of the brain spirits and god’s souls using local words in title-tracks such as Kekawa or Kelem as being recorded by the mixer Marcus Alexander on Panak EP sounding much like the error strange of Sepultura’s tribal mini album and the famous kecak dance ritual.

Not even the Balinese people themselves will get confusing about this !

Panak EP: