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Robert Moore Annabelle (Not On Label 2013)

   Pure Midwestern Bluegrass and unique virtuosic outlaw background musical evocates the traditional ballads and songwriting over thus full strings suitcase percussion band from Greater Sudbury of Northern Ontario area called Murder Murder; performing the roadie rocky Folk/Bluegrass and Americana Country songs off themselves at works that might related to the elegant car-driving or some beardy white dudes forming a group of musicianship which legally, entitled there as Murder Murder Murder. Wearing colorful nice clothes and blue jeans; these men – Sam Cassio, Jon Danyliw, Kris Dickson, Steph Duchesne and Geoff McCausland and Barry Miles feels comfortable and fun to do so what they’d believe to liking and sang like it is. For those whom a big fans for this musical collections; don’t get to shy for loving a lot more and playing them again and again – these tracks like If Sky Should Fall, Three Left Dead, The ballad of The Lonely Hermit, Warm in The Arms of My Baby and Northeast Winds or Willow Garden – perfectly, describing the panorama of the middle to Southern parts of the great nation tasting its original heritage brought from the pilgrims and outcasts like a starter fair-ground comes to town late that afternoon with Sammy and Johnny.

Murder Murder Murder: