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Reversionary (Bandcamp 2015)

   Dadang Pranoto combining his rootsy Blues Psychedelic with high dynamic raucous experiments on wealthy Grunge music by the presenting to his audience these six tracks concluded onto the later would be a favorable recording from your visiting of reflection and fully adventurous of a lifetime around the God’s paradise island area and beyond as one met this works from a humble clever local musician did the lead vocals and guitar accompanied by Adam E. Felton for drumming /vocals writing collaborations between them both by conscious and highly respects for mother nature and the surroundings relationship being putting into a record EP entitled Perpetual as A Conscious Coup might becoming a two piece debut releasing for the loves on Pearl Jam or Chris Cornell philosophy concepts leaking local but soon liking by the international standards as Folk-Rock, Blue and Psychedelic with medium distorted riffs recorded in Seminyak area spawning the revised positive messages through We Are (Only Love), Come On In My Kitchen, Free To Burn or Warm – welcoming nothing but more peace entering your front doors, windows and your walking spiritual forms.

Perpetual EP: