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Reflecting Fumes (Hospital Productions 2013)

   The beats felt like the world’s listening to something that fell from the deepest dark sky above while the end is nearer and as many as thousands of human already suffocates and die by the poisoning gas and latent mixture of heat temperature versus colder icy and gusty winds – deadly enough to accompanied the great flooding comes like an uninvited guests in July. Ian Dominick Fernow calculates and creatively forms this ideas and developments of it to go forwards as the messaging really did spreading through-out the world via Remember Your Black Day recorded as Vatican Shadow; drilling your consciousness and open minded soul an Industrial or Electronic compositions for thus eight tracks which each of them carries one simple subjects but reconnecting as many as countless relating to other nightmares story that rewritten back our history through these songs – Muscle Hijacker Tribal Affiliation or Contractor Corpse Hung Over The Euphrates River to Not The Son of Desert Storm but The Child of Chechnya or Tonight Saddam Walks Amidst Ruins as the Techno beats struck advance city not the traditional ones as being predicted and unrewarded but active not for helping to rebuild your trust ever again.

Remember Your Black Day: