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Reefer Christ (Grass Records 1995)

   Parted ways like if Dave Pirner started to think about himself making another punkish rock band that would be closer to this seminal drunk record being released by the rowdy rockers off Cactus Nerve Thang for recording this album on Junior’s Motel – Otho, IA as their own productive Grunge-Pop deliberation in more than thirty-five minutes and fifty-nine seconds that might leads you to destroying the living room when nobody’s home and thus six-strings distortion might becoming as good as threatening as The Replacements music and the nearly all short-lived and suffers over terrible engineering brilliant as little known sounds can be listened a bit memorable and brilliant along by the choruses or the verses carried by the screaming vocals and standard issues lyrics to the mid-tempo group performing Casanova, Learn To Drive, Sunshine, Rose and Overcoat Sadness; cleverly not selling out but creeping in the conservatives a lot like birds attack !