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Rape Mask (Independent 2017)

   Photo-shot on thus black and white rocks on the quiet remote beach naturally might giving you a glimpse on themed reflections to enclosing peace which suddenly sooner after Grief gone within its fifty-eight seconds permanently, turning things upside down as Hardcore-Punk crusty trashed blasting from Remains and other shortened tracks performing by Saint Mary, Yudi Septyan, Christian Matius Tirta and Dwi Suryawan becomes Veinn from Denpasar, Bali quartet cracking the smile out of your face and blow-back head-banging or slam-dancing may be reformed into mass mosh-pit as Rats of one minute/one second or 180813 that comes in typhoon-Cutecore fifty seconds didn’t Remains a shit but violent Slime e.p  of the leading female angst and aggressiveness - that compensates grinds of something tougher and sensual in a whole different way side of female intuitions !

Slime E.P: