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Quiet House (Art Is Hard Records 2012)

   Contact with minimalist Indie-Pop sounds from Gorgeous Bully of Manchester, UK breezing in their soft distortion musical via this miscellaneous recording from The Young Obese means something went wrong to our society for a very long time as daily lives keeps going on but your gaining fat and weight affecting yourself not like how a cat can eats its meal pointing on these mini album forcing the self-inflicted themes about those two minutes more and more campaign for harmony melodic lessons to learn and listening didn’t go funnier than this one – Never Cry to Who Do You Think You Are or Adjusting to Change might cleverly, given the rest of the fatal shows to be reflected within times and good music not meant to be so serious but wiser to tell you on how do the diets and exercise pretty much well. 

Don’t be lazy to be curious nor healthy ! 

The Young Obese: