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Press Start Player 2 (Pumpkin Records 2014)

Straight outta Manchester, England bring their melodic fast Skate-Hardcore Punk onto your stereo system – this is Fair Do’s unit with the quartet consisting of john (drums/vocals), Danny (guitar/vocals), Dave (guitar) and Danny (vocals, guitar) as together throwing the mind blowing Molotov cocktail against the wicked world of men’s government, fighting repressive power of the superb evil corporations and screaming emotionally towards how the have’s treating the poor public all decades which has been obscured and divided into sub-genres as being told here via the EP entitle Trying Times.

Speed beats power seminal violence and melodic riffs may causing you a mosh-pit attitudes that destroying the living room while listening to Crossed The Line, Both To Blame or One of Life’s Great Lessons shall liberating your shallow mind completely !

Trying Times: