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Prende La Vela (Vlad 2017)

   Cumbia stylo of modern/traditional for Ay Ay Ay ! the album produced by the group from somewhere around France area (to be) exactly off Saint-Herblain or Paris with their very unique musical sounds and performance combining thus traditional music instruments and today’s socio-interests as the Ghetto-Folk and glorious ordinary artworks splendid between Texacana and the muertos-style masked Mr. Vorhees from La Dinamotaaa did pretty well like “caramba” feelings for whom listening to the repetitions of latino rhythms and various beats carried out by Y Nada Mas, El Desperado, Ramen eta Ganesh, Comandante Jaguar onto Que Paso Capitan ? as Playa Negra keeps the celebrations of ritual rootsy in horns sections, mariachi-guitarra goodies and great choices of sub-genre of any Latino music are here written and arranged well by the group. 

... Andale, Andale ! 

Ay Ay Ay: