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Piro-Piro Traction (Magnetic South 2013)

   Fill your head with too louder bangs from over the entire army of drummers/percussionist and let them cranking their best to deliver the disturbing, rocked and semi-hilarious distortion Grungy sounds mixes like Black Sabbath meets the Punk Rock themed of Mudhoney sets in a long-progressive creation which concern for those whom may concern to be annoyed by them. Here’s Puppy Vs Dyslexia – a Kentucy sensible of naturalist nude make-overs of musical art products made by one until four people banging their percussions instruments or might divided into some names like Zak Puppy, Leah Yeppi to Jeremy Kennedy or others which practicing their free-ensemble elements of crushing distorted forms of Noise-Rock and experimental ideas toward the recording – Against All Todds that sounding a little bit corny as jokes. 

Whether you want to calling them an absurd Folk-Punk or Alternative to non-mainstream messages from independent dimension; one thing for sure that you need to preparing yourself before listening and not getting crazy when songs of Dr. Hamilton The Tree or the opener Moji Gong or The Seamless Chanting of Boat/”Hair”/Vacation blows ! 

Against All Todds: