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Pircle Cit (Independent 2013)

   Hardcore, power-violence, Brisbane’s active extremists of non-popularity group of bashing heads by metallic music provides by the line-up of drummer Kingsley Sugden, vocalist Matthew Kuchler, guitarist Matthew Nielsen and bass player Marty Meynell from Scumguts’s necro-blasting hideous acts of recording force within Planetary Suplex recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Cook as the artworks comes tremendously, underground and anti-commercialism as the jumping wrestler ready to slamming your drunken friend covered in bottles as the ark world turning the planet rocky in seven tracks attacks off Lunar Grin, River Night Out, S.B.D onto A Walk in The Park or Boys Night Out and you will feel something terribly wrong from the beginning to the lasts of aggression.

Planetary Suplex: