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Pigs D.F.B (Animal Music Productions 2014)

   Tarragona, Catalonia miserable late night bar or pub only for Thrasher Metallers seemed crowded that time; the cracking of bones to the slamming drunks and fast slicing riffs filled the air and you must be trapped there among those mad infected metal-heads horde where all the doors locked and there’s no escapes from the raging sound of metallic music made by Exekution team within Depravity.
   Comprising for Amadeu (drums), Alvaro (bass), Alberto and David the sinister wicked six-strings shredders acting like the beasts without any burden while their nine songs comprising all the ferocious madness collectively complex over the place as anthems of horror-themes basic onslaught typical of Thrash Metal reign can be heard blasting through Chemical Fog, Black Death, Zombie Bukake and World Extinction.

Don’t fight it – feel the anger and do something violent to your friends after the last drink. 

Someone would be stab with a broken bottle soon …