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Penjara Pusaran Neraka (Recluse Production 2005)

Relating their themes towards the recording newly dead non-fictional stories around the conspiracy theory based on the demonic new world order, religious hatred, infidels and holy wars as well as terrorism through calling of their own Death Metal "gore-adzan" over thus gory brutalized growler and double pedals to the most extreme potent which carried out by these West Java’s Death Metal heads unit – Jihad (Islamic holy war) on the releasing of their second album entitled Strategi Setan (satanic strategies) including those local themes as well as global issues inside Ideologi Iblis (demons ideology), Propaganda Mata Satu (one eyed propaganda), Siksa Kubur, Segitiga Bermuda (Bermuda Triangle), Hawa adalah symbol Dajjal or Tuhan Telan Mati; the Forgotten (band) cover version. Things being healthy good for the Indonesian underground scene metallic music so far – right where the highness wicked satan wants it to be grown blossoming like poisonous mushrooms in a graveyard area.

Strategi Setan: