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Penari Malam (Logiss Records 1995)

Hard Rock always surviving the end game further more like how Saigon Kick, Motley Crue or Guns n' Roses did and for Indonesia music scene as well that public seeing how a small band from Surabaya/Jakarta can slowly turning to have fanatic fans at their time forming as quartet as the first record reacting to grab attractive attentions from thus Heavy Rock/Cross-over music fans around but the second coming release of K.O did raising Boomerang name as one of the national Rock bands due to the nineties era as John paul Ivan recognized as one of those awesome guitarist, vocalist Roy Jaconiah can reaches a very high pitch tones to the attractive bass player Hubert Henry Limahelu and new drummer Farid Martin completed the formations and the record straight tuning to the top of commercial Heavy Rock tunes and radios including the hits Bawalah Aku, the socio-punkish O-Ya onto B.O.J (Balada orang jalanan) as well as Kisah… and Bird trying to go internationally after winning some national music events really, blessing them to be shortly, famous before the downfall story struck and separates some of them.