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Pelangi Dini Hari (Bulletin Records 1995)

   Jakarta trio of Punk Rock bastards and bollocks from Indonesia having the simple dominant self-abusing of Punk Rock general and the lyrics that comes out spontaneously, honest but not really sounded dumb. Netral that consisting for guitarist Miten, drummer Bimo and lead vocalist/bassist Bagus did nicely, given some bitter, darker and slinky themes about the story telling around boredom, urban hopeless, distors magazines to failure romance with more Alternative Pop, Indie Rock and Country-tinged ballads which attracting the youth hearings for Wa…Lah!!! the record debut. Such a good beginning for this group whom might cites Green Day, The Pixies, Gin Blossoms and Smoking Popes as their influences for writing down the tracks like Sampa, memo, Sakit, Bulan, Lagu Rindu onto Rusak and Give Me Green. 

Let your days being blasted by the rocks of Alternative Punk modern dudes !