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Patterns Riders (Candlelight Records 2014)

   Reading, Berkshire’s Blackened Death Metal muscle colossus beings named Ancient Ascendant shall becoming your new ultimate favorable unit off the Extreme Metal presence around British scene genre of the fatality music performance as the releasing for their second full length album of this gloomy dark and devastating Echoes And Cinder permanently, striking the filament of your membrane skins to be piled out piece by piece as the highly techniques sounds proves the impending doomed of flawless clean as growler/screaming vocals led the sorrow-themed songs into your stereo system like an earthquake. 

Mystical high priest or a demigod creature posing its prophecy views to the front cover must be the one that the world’s been waiting for slowly, appears from the thick smokes that was there from inside the deep woods and acoustic-tinged guitars also adding more mysterious abandoned stories of how mankind fell into sins and must pay for it again. 

   To Break The Binds, Embers, Crones To The Flames and Fuelling The Flare – all seems to be related on the burning desire, the burning years and the final damnation by the eternal firing pit where humanity shall dwells forever as the band’s telling the ears to listen and whether – to follow or let the hypocrisy taking over the lives like most people did nowadays. 

There’s no turning back and no return – no more holiness only deeper pain and malevolent tales for you like the band members: Alex Butler (guitars/vocals), Dave Moulding (drums), Alan Webb (bass) and Nariman Poushin (guitars) attacking yours now ! 

Echoes and Cinder: