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Past Version Real (Warner Bros. Records 2018)

Mononymous known or not – a New Zealand born female singer Kimbra Lee Johnson bring us her softer beats popular to gets the non-popular becoming trendy by the sounds again as creativity of given alternative noise and beats keep going on and on as being profiled through the third Pop’s lesser sensation project solo under herself name – Kimbra. 

Whether you love Modern Hip-Hop and Dance music or Electronic-Synth Pop as well as indie-Pop or Rn’B then, this record would definitely little less entertaining in slow motion comforts here over Primal Heart and you too can get chances to listen over the track-lists like Top of The World, Everybody Knows, Like They Do on The TV to Recovery and Human and also Lightyear which fits really fine for the more marketing in these days music industry today. 

Newest work of arts that brings feminine and independence by the same time balance for Pop-Music ! 

Primal Heart: