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Party High At Grindhouse (Reaper Metal 2008)

   Not Slipknot in another format masked and hoodies but these Fort Wayne, Indiana crew must be the bigger fans of either The Misfits or Gleen Danzig as their music sounds similar to acts loud and fast through the combinations of Heavy Metal and Punk Horror influences written down to the lyrics telling necrophilia or killing time.

   The Lurking Corpses are the beneficial truth talking trash about how the country being great again with all thus slaughtering and mass deceiving by the insane gunmen or the media which told the masses to preparing for doomsday every time you open your eyes and turning the television on. Smells Like The Dead is an ultimate reality recording forcing you to liking or not – the system of scares business works usually day by day with zombies and bloodsucking creatures not mentioned in your cryptozoology bible; here’s the tracks for rocking loud in your filthy room before the horde comes and eat your family alive – Into The Moonlight, This Nightmares Carries On, Maggots Ate Her Brain, Critters and Sweet Lycanthropy onto the acoustic times due remembrance about how Jason did his slaying times at Camp Crystal Lake, surely opens back your disturbing horrible experience that day in the woods.

Smells Like The Dead: