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Panacea Irie (Bandcamp 2018)

   Luke Jaeger (guitars, bass, additional instruments and Marco Pitruzella (drums) co-operating with the mixer and mastering guy of Zach Ohren within all the compositions of Death Metal Latinos blended with Surf Rock, Acoustic goodies and Jazz Progressive really did this unique version for the Seattle, Washington crew duo of Sleep Terror to releasing as being helped by Navene Koperweis (Animosity) and David McGraw on drums while the funky Velcro bass performance and roadie bastards compact solid play really makes your ears confusing and on the same time, reliable to either head-banging or kill yourself right away. 

   The solidify of American Tech-Metal project upon El Insomne which pretty much infecting your brains not to resting but keep on electrifying by these maggots musical proves may resulting the attack on the fishing boat and the consuming on the sailor or surfers near the beach side by the unknown creature from the deep like story as the smart moves over The Wounds That Unheal, Nostalgia Painted Black, Screams of Tenerife and Bedfast Catharsis – slamming the slap for your dumb face to fell unconscious and got eaten slowly like the weirdest tango dance bait for the mutants. 

El Insomne: