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Orpheus Moth (Chimera Music 2014)

Power intuition for Modern Rock and Pop session ideas from the united heads of Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Sean Lennon creating this duo musical strangest of The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger (GOASTT) as the releasing match on Midnight Sun leaves your breath induced a little bit faster but confusions in order to follow the tracks path over their Psychedelic Rock timing performance to any those wiser meet scientific meets transforming images for life to steps aside leaves nothing but honesty and passion by the significant vocals and slow-tunes miracle and odd like Xanadu, Johannesburg, Last Call, The Devil You Know, Too Deep, Golden Earrings and Poor Paul Getty reveals some of the dreamy Great Expectations sending through the galaxy of experiments rocketing in slow-motions as psych-modular force taking control your head's brain stereo system.

Midnight Sun: