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One Hurricane (Red Bull Records 2018)

   They’re The Aces as hailing from Utah state comprising of drummer Alisa Ramirez, vocalist/guitarist Cristal Ramirez, lead guitarist Katie Henderson and bass player McKenna Petty putting not only their good-looking teenage girls youth expressions and energy on the writing music down but releasing the re-freshner Indie Rock sensations over this original debut album recording - romantically strange to be called When My Heart Felt Volcanic's here with being shared onto the top crispy yummy vocalizations, catchy music and pop tunes harmony through New Wave product-inspired via Stuck, Fake Nice, Holiday, Just Like That and Bad Love or Lovin’ is Bible; pressing the innocence and available good girls rocking great sharing their toasts of cheering themes romantic and young flicks to the neighborhood drive. 

When My Heart Felt Volcanic: