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Ommubakstur Lada Sport (Bandcamp 2015)

   Free-neaty trio in their majestic making off those ugly Funk Metal out of interpretations there around “Sveitir Saturnusar” or Iceland as you going to meet the performers drummer Rikhardur Sigurjonsson, Bjorn Heimir Onundarson on bass guitar and trompet as well as guitarist Kjartan (Cori) Kolbeinsson granted the execution Cross-Over sounds to be called lately an experimental streaming Funk-Core, Jazzy or Math-Core product of Reykjavik progressive musicians naming themselves as Captain Syrup within this Promo Scratch where pulling tounge, nude mushroom-head girl, chemical blasts or UFO leaving earth and more rioting communications of reality and dreams met in such a non-balance attitudes making you infected by the outer space influenza as soon the tracks like Fotabao Haralds Konungs, Tales Of Woodman, Rassgatiandilt, Daudur Hestur and Murhpy (Er Hundur) shall punching your face for several times bounces.

Promo Scratch: