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Ohka Knots January (Overpowered Records 2016)

Lending their attractive Nu Metal and Hip Metal acts from both of Stoner Rock to Alternative Rock influences; the Limoges, France Cross-Over genre scouts 7 Weeks really sounded like the magnificent slower version of Deftones even the viewers would find that the band interests are closer to the names like Infectious Grooves to Brant Bjork or Placebo. 

The excessive heavier thumping sounds and noises reversed correctly by the the current line-up: Julien Bernard (vocals, bass), Jeremy Cantin-Gaucher (drums), Manuel Costa (keyboards) and Nicolas Aigrot (guitar) giving the pressing silence swirling through-out the small universe off the band’s perspective to the latest efforts releasing by 7 Weeks on A Farewell to Dawn which sounds like a familier Alternative Metal mixed of Goth-Pop version reminder for Type O Negative as well. 

Whether you got the gazing buzz for King in The Mud, The Ghost Beside Me, Kamikazes or Broken Voices; one would know that there’s a new beginning for every wrong turns decisions made by an invisible psycho. 

A Farewell To Dawn: