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Odyssey Caddilacs (Mystic Records 1998)

   Oriental infusing lifestyle and cultural striking down the heart of how our westerners old hippie and flower generation turning back to what they’re used to believe and adopting the eastern gods and karma tales onto the new era of druggy summer or more beats for consuming freedom and peace dwelling inside the formatted Various The Psychedelic Experience Vol 2 album from the late seventies and the early eighties era bands compiled altogether as one sharing their materials and groovy sounds to improving this type of Rock n’ Roll branch to be established not only for the Garage shows or campuses’ stoner community but getting wider by the audiences and listeners to be better positively, consumed by the next decade generations opening their ears for names like Higher Elevation, Monocles, Waters, The Decades, Elopers onto songs provides there like God is Alive in Argentina (Doppler Effect), Sherman Marshall’s Realization of Life, Ship of Dreams from Quiet Jungle, Ed Powers brought Mourning or Element performing Open The Door to Your Mind as well as The Castaways or Cave Dwellers singing Just On High and Meditation with the most fuzz rocking guitar tones and hallucinating lyrics or messages being controlled by the giant god Durga as the hands can reaches over the four corners of the wind direction of the compass points for the rare Garage Rock/Proto-Punk bands of the sixties era compilation.

VA The Psychedelic Experience Vol 2: