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Nod Trace (El Paraiso Records 2018)

   Daron Gardner on bass, Aaron Snow the guitar/synth/drums/bass and vocals; Adrienne Snow (vocals, synth), John Miller for drums, Dick Baldwin (guitar) and Peter Baumann performing their Ambient Psychedelic Grunge ensemble progressions as ambitious as possible and technical feels like combining thus imaginative and temporary signature of time’s signs telling you Secret, Second Sight, Fallen Name as well as Gravitational VIII shortly after the longer momentum leads to making of shapes within Bells In New Towns solidify by the performing seminal acoustic, orchestral and differ Indie-Folk musical independent presence from the band’s own as Landing – familiar perfectly, sharing their peace pipe encouraging everyone to figure things the fuck out before the dreaming turns to nightmare and chaos wiping out those clarity symbols into a vanishing point where nobody remembered.

Bells In New Towns: